I bought living room furniture from Desi Furniture in Rockville, MD and was told that it would be ready in 4-5 weeks. This was in October 2010 and now it's mid February 2011 and only last week I was contacted to schedule delivery for next week.

The company never contacted me to let me know of a delay in delivery. I called them several times trying to get a delivery date and even asked to have the manager or owner call me which he never did.

I wish they would have let me know that there could be delays because I would not have bought from them.

I hope that the order is right and I'm happy with the product when it arrives finally.

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I've already waited TEN weeks which I was expecting, but still felt was quite long. And now it's at least two weeks behind with delivery taking lord knows how long. i'm very upset and wonder how hard it would be to get my money back?


I have also ordered my sectional sofa after hearing that they have 2 stocks in warehouse and could be delivered 2-4 weeks. I cancelled my order after waiting 5 weeks.

they said they will call me when it be arrived even if I cancelled.

in 2 weeks, I did not get any call.. I think that their delivery system or stock management system is broken.


Same negative experience with Rockville store. After waiting for 12 weeks, Jeff, Store owner called me and informed that they misplaced an order and it will arrive incomplete. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE.

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