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The sales rep in the store was nice, knowledgable and professional. However, I was told our couch would take 10-12 weeks for delivery.

I heard nothing in the 12th week so I had to call the store. I was told it would be another 2 weeks. Nothing. I again had to call.

I was then told it would be sometime after the New Year. Nothing. I had to call AGAIN. To make it worse, the owner, was non-chalant about it and did not really even seem to care.

Finally after 17 weeks our couch is being delivered!!

I would not order again from them as I lost total trust. And the fact that it was I who had to keep calling to check in made it even worse. Terrible customer service. It's almost like the owner is running a ponze scheme or something!

How can it take 17 weeks to deliver a couch? Weird.

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The annapolis store went out of business. I purchased from then in 2010. The store manager Jonathan and vice president krista were fabulous to work with. I purchased a custom leather sectional from Italy and up front I was told it would take 16 weeks. I recieved at 18 weeks, and the manager at the time updated me. In 2011 I came back to purchase another leather chair that matched my set. None of the employees that originally helped me work there anymore. Jeff, the owner was my salesman.

God, I wish I read the more recent reviews. Jeff quoted me 10 weeks on the chair, and I was satisfied because he matched the 15% discount johnathan originally gave me. THIS IS WHERE IT ENDED AND I LOST COMPLETE RESPECT FOR THIS PLACE. I was quoted 10 weeks this time, I recieved 19 weeks later. I called over and over again and Jeff returned ZERO of my calls. How can you run a business and treat all your customers like garbage? No wonder none of his old employees work there. This place used to be too good to be true. I believe its very obvious that Jeff goldstien is nothing but a sham and a liar. I feel like he took my 1k$ and used it as a loan while I sat and waited, and I was completely ignored! He SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON. That seems harsh but when you take thousands of dollars from people and do not stay in contact with them it should be a crime! Even if I was quoted 16 weeks and updated like i was in 2010 this review would be more positive. After seeing the annapolis store close its doors I felt I should post this to protect future consumers. I see the other two stores falling in the footsteps of the one that had to close its doors.

In short DesI:

-great product, great price (I still stand by this)

-poor customer service

-lies, lies, lies, straight from the mouth of the OWNER, JEFF GOLDSTEIN

-save your money, purchase from a store who answers thier phones and tells you the truth. This place is a scam. DO NOT BUY


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