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I went to Desi Living and found a couch that I wanted to purchase. After making several visits to the store, I quickly realized that the store offers a 10-15% discount on a regular basis. This grand sale price is more like their standard pricing.

On the way into the store, they had a sign by each door that said "We support the military - 10% military discount". Being an active duty military member, it always makes me smile when a company says thank you to veterans by offering a discount for military members. HOWEVER, there is a catch!

When I went to purchase the couch, which was of course on sale for their standard discount of 15%, I pulled out my military ID to show the sales rep that I am active duty military member to receive their advertised military discount. This is where the transaction soured; the sales rep informed me that I could not receive the military discount because of the standard storewide sale.

Now, I know a military discount is not a requirement, nor do I expect stores to have one. However, when a store advertsies a military discount to draw service members through the door, I expect them to honor it.

The store said they will not combine discounts. I am used to other stores that offer a military discount, not applying this benefit to clearance and/or final sale items, but not standard sale items. SO- in other words, the good news is basically everyone gets the military discount! The downside is Desi is saying thank you military men & women for your service, but no thank you!

Until the store decides to honor this advertised military disocount, I will take my business elsewhere, while in the meantime informing my military brothers & sisters of this not so military discount.

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Thanks to the anonymous customer for defending our reputation. DesI does clearly respect and honor discounts to military personnel. Please visit our store and take advantage of a 15% discount anytime.

Respectively Submitted,

DesI Sales


We have actually purchased from DesI twice now, both with them honoring the military discount. They do seem to often have a 10% off sale, but the military discount (15% off) always is more than the sale prices they are running. DesI came strongly recommended to us through other military members and our designer and we are very happy with our purchase/experience.

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